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Baby Cosmo

Established in 1995



· Temperament 

· Health Certificates

· English and American varieties

Pet Therapy, Obedience, Hunting and Conformation/Breed ring


  • A dog will only do what you allow him to do
  • You CAN out think a dog
  • Be firm but kind
  • Be consistent, and a pack leader

Certified Pet Therapy Dogs


We enjoy volunteering with our Certified Therapy Dogs at local hospitals, nursing homes and with Child Protective Services, relieving stress anywhere we can fit in.  The training starts with obedience, and socializing your dog then just get involved, we volunteer through 

Great Representatives of the breed

Take a look through our website, you will see a lot of “bling” (trophies and awards). Our dogs are proven in the home as great companions as well as in competition. If you have a Brockdorff Lab you have a smart dog, that looks good too, with sound hips and good overall health.

Currently Available

One ENGLISH Yellow Female from our Ammo X Cosmo litter, born June 24, 2018, for $1,500.  

One black female from our ACE (English) X Molly (American) litter, born June 20, 2018 for $1,000


  • We sell on a limited registration only
  • No contract required with new owners
  • You must have a crate before bringing home a pup
  • You must have a fence or another plan in place
  • Health guaranteed by breeder
  • A check required to hold puppy or paypal payment

ACE, hunt video

Ace from a pup to a hunter, so fun to train this sweet boy.  Yes pretty boys can pick up birds!

Our working line fetching frogs

Lee and Boss played around with this frog for about an hour, and it hopped away unscathed!

Cosmo got a part in a movie!

This was fun watching a movie being made; Cosmo looked a bit bored of the whole thing though.  Dean Cain was fun to work with.

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Brockdorff Labradors

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